Transparent displays: Digital signage for retail stores Transparent displays: Simplicity, beauty, and strong customer response Content Creation: Content for transparent display digital signage

Who we are

hue is a retail design company that manufactures unique product display cases and offers high quality content creation services. Our display cases use transparent displays: panes of glass that are capable of showing images, videos, and promotional content in front of products while keeping those products fully visible. 

Merchandise that is placed behind our displays can be framed with beautiful video and touch-interactive content.  This both attracts your customer's attention and gives them an easier way to find out about product information: two straightforward paths to boosting sales. 

We're a full-service shop that both manufactures display cases and creates amazing content.

For in-store promotion it's simple: nothing else compares.

Readymade retail showcase

  • Designed to house your products behind our stunning displays
  • Vivid and touch interactive
  • Capable of driving sales

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Custom retail showcases

  • Designed exclusively around your needs
  • Only ready when you're satisfied
  • Drive sales like nothing else

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